Why should we learn from fellow women artists?

There’s a temptation to aspire to be ‘one of the lads’ and hope that no-one will notice that we are female and will judge our work on it’s own merit. But the art world is dominated by men at a high level and programmers and curators might say ‘we’ve got one of those this season’ which they might not say about ‘straight, white, middle-class men’. If we accept that challenges exist, we can start working with other women towards equality.

Why ‘Art within the Cracks’?

We want to celebrate the ‘cracks’ as often we only have those times and spaces to work in. We also value the work we make in collaboration, in the spaces between each other. The title of the project is adapted from a piece written by Rosy Wilson, entitled ‘Finding Room to Write in the Cracks of Family Life’ She wrote about the difficulty of finding time, even in retirement.