My new swimming spot by Patrick Wilson

Many of us are swimmers and at times this year we’ve been missing dipping in to our watery worlds, but between us we have so much water to share; the Irish Sea, the Thames in London and Berkshire, the River Avon in Bristol and ponds and puddles in parks and on pavements.

 One son gave me a book
 The Healing Powers of Water
 another, Wave Watchers
 Companion. In my cocoon
 I take them from my shelves

 and though we may not swim
 or even paddle, today they say
 we may again walk along
 the sea front, watch waves,
 breathe in healing sea air
 Rosy Wilson

Photos by Rosy, Gail, Paul & Anna

 At the Seaside
 Families pitch camp for the day,
 windbreakers of vivid colours
 flap and snap in the summer breeze,
 Grans and grandads languish in the sun
 as children released from loving arms run 
 to the water's edge shouts of sheer joy
 explode as they plunge into the sea.
 The ice-cream man sells his wares 
 from a white box he carries on broad shoulders
 stepping carefully between towels and sunbathers.
 The insistent wind carries music from a tiny
 radio tucked under a deck chair,
 voices from a small boat, which has come
 close to shore, beckon friends to swim out.

 In the crook of the sheltered harbour 
 yachts with romantic names 'Sandrine'
 and 'Grecale' wait patiently sails tucked
 in, anchor fixed on the sandy seabed,
 moving languidly with the rising tide;
 a fishing vessel, lilting to one side
 precariously chuggs its way to the small port.  
 Maura O'Neill

Photo by Rosy Wilson
 Wild white waters
 Hurtle waves, spray soaks
 Unwary walkers 
 Rosy Wilson
Thames Barrier by Paul Wilson

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Author: Anna Haydock-Wilson

Artist, Filmmaker and Community Project Manager

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