Art within the Cracks of Women’s Lives

“What we need to do as women artists… is to take chances, not to trivialise what we are doing to please the picture buying public. We need to push our skills to the extreme and not fret if those skills are not all that we desire, or be surprised if we are not loved”
Jacqueline Morreau

I made this film for re:Jacqueline Morreau- Mythologies and the Marginalised, a retrospective exhibition and arts programme curated by Beatrice Lily Lorrigan and Halo Hughes in 2017.

I interviewed twelve women artists and although the interviews were intended only for transcribing for research, I’d used my video camera to record them. Using email and phone conversations with the curators and the participants we co-created this documentary style film which weaves poetry and images of the artists and their work with our thoughts on equality and art.

Author: Anna Haydock-Wilson

Artist, Filmmaker and Community Project Manager

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