Talking about equality with Room13 Harclive

On the 29th October 2018 we met lets of lovely young people aged 8-18 from Hartcliffe at the Room13 Harclive studio in Spike Island Arts. We played some games with words to encourage us to share our opinions and our voices and made some posters.

Maddie and Charlie share their views on equality

We then interviewed each other about what equality means to us and how making art can help us in our lives.

It was freezing and luckily Vic Hole turned up to lead us through a dance warm up which we did with no music, helping us use movement to dwell on our thoughts. Dancing together made us all laugh and we wondered what all the other artists imagined was occurring as they emerged from their studios at Spike.

We believe that the of the voices of these thoughtful young artists about the importance of art and equality in the world today should be heard.
We made a shorter version, because everyone thinks there should only be short videos on the internet, but we think they deserved to be listened to properly!

We’d to thank Willow, Erin, Maddy, Charlie, Aliah, Freya and Lauren who came along and shared their wise voices with us. We’d also like to thank Shani and Paul for all the wonderful work they do at Room13 Harclive to help put art into children’s lives and get their voices heard, and to Ingrid for supporting them all.

Author: Anna Haydock-Wilson

Artist, Filmmaker and Community Project Manager

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