Equality and Creativity workshop at PAPER Arts

On 10th and 11th of September 2018 Grace Kress, supported by Liz Hart and Anna Haydock-Wilson facilitated 16-25 year olds, identifying as women, in a discussion about equality. Grace provided simple block printing kit and drawing materials and we chatted and made prints.

Taishie & Kim discussing feminism 11.19.18 at PAPER Arts CIC

On 15th October we facilitated a design workshop for this group to created the cover of the magazine, which Grace then facilitated remotely with Kim Piffy. Several of the artists emailed their images in and this is how it turned out when they adapted it as an event flyer

‘It was nice trying printing processes that I had never tried/hadn’t tried since I was a child! I also enjoyed listening to other women’s opinions and engaging with other likeminded people. It also inspired me to collaborate more in the future.’ Libby

It has made me really keen to continue making work on the topics of equality, not only in relation to women, but also exploring the experiences of different races, sexualities and ultimately how they all link to the class system. One of the main things that came up for me, was the issue of there still being injustice, despite over a century of fighting against it. I want to be able to use art to explain my understanding of how our current system benefits from creating divisions in society and that until we overcome this, we’ll always be faced with discrimination and oppression. ‘ Grace

‘I am so happy to be involved in this project!’ Kim