Collaboration Day

Twelve women artists met at the Women’s Art Library on 18 July 2018 to share our practice and discuss art, equality and how we can shape Art within the Cracks so that it improves our lives and helps others like us.

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We talked, listened, wrote, stitched, felted, danced, watched films & performance, danced, talked more and laughed a lot.

Among many other things we talked about the importance of:

  • Working with others
  • Joy of playing and letting go
  • Time
  • Validation/funding
  • Confidence
  • Process & product
  • Redefining success

Having the day in the Women’s Art Library meant that there was always a wider context of women artists through history. Althea’s interventions and support throughout the day kept the consciousness of this being a bigger discourse, practice and experience. Janet

Having so many interesting creative women in the room was a joy, to hear people talk and show their work. I valued the hands on craft activities too – usually I am documenting other people creating, so it was precious to get the opportunity to do this myself. Emma

The day helped to validate my practice and gave it value. It also rekindled my interest in the visual arts. I felt reconnected with a longer tradition of women artists. Liz Hart

A thoroughly illuminating exchange of ideas and experiences with various different arts practitioners and thoughtful people, with everyone putting their own slightly different slant on gender and working in the arts from their own perspective. Liz Purnell

It’s just been a really rich day. Not to hate on men too much, but I have been to some conferences and events recently where there’s been a lot of ‘mansplaining’ or ‘manalogging’ and it’s nice to not have that in the room. It was just open and respectable and there’s no one person’s agenda or ego. A complete lack of ego, warm and considerate and just fucking great! Vic Hole

The value of this day helped us shape how the project developed and we agreed that it was really important to put our resources into helping other women, especially younger artists, feel more confident and valued for their creativity.