About Us

We are women who believe in equality for all. We are artists. Many of us also have jobs in education, community and youth work. We often use our creative skills to help improve lives for others.

Among us are poets, performers and painters but we all share a desire for art to be more valued in our society and for people to be more equal.

Artists who’ve joined us more recently:

  • Sherien Elsheikh is a graphic designer, the drop in coordinator for Refugee Women of Bristol and a member of Bristol Refugee Artists Collective. She works with Anna and Amy on the Spike Community Print Projects as an artist, community worker and Arabic translator.
  • Jo ‘Chalkblack’ Bushell is a social practice artist. Her approach brings together performative. site-specific/land-based and digital practices – lending itself to working with public engagement, specific community projects or with small groups of individuals who are seeking creative processes for navigating personal or social transitions.  
  • Annali Grimes works within Easton and Eastville communities and has been creating community spaces where the Frome meets Stapleton Road under the M32, tackling issues with the communities from the ground up, engaging with communities, schools, youth groups and universities through workshops, awareness events & exhibitions. Annali is part of M32 Flyover Metamorphosis and RESPiRES, building community resilience in cities.