About Us

We are women who believe in equality for all. We are artists. Many of us also have jobs in education, community and youth work. We often use our creative skills to help improve lives for others.

Among us are poets, performers and painters but we all share a desire for art to be more valued in our society and for people to be more equal.

What about you?

  • Are you curious, inspired and feel compelled to create.
  • Do you love spinning plates, you have loads of ideas that you want to get out there?
  • Do you believe that art can play a role in social change?
  • Do you work hard, hustling to pay the rent, juggling different jobs and different roles, taxi-ing teenagers, trying to pair socks, looking after your babies, mothers, fathers and communities?
  • Does the ‘art world’ feel patriarchal, capitalist and unrelated to your life, ideals or ideas?
  • Are you are a creative who lacks the luxury of time or money to practice full-time?

The artists on this page will be writing blogs, making films and podcasts, creating a magazine, organising live events and sharing our artwork, ideas and stories. Subscribe to receive updates and event invites.

Contact us if you have stories, opinions or artwork to share.