Christiane Cegavske introduced by Emma Windsor

_Portrait Christiane Cegavske by Robin LoznakLittle Miss Crow (Christiane Cegavske) is a North American stop motion artist, based in Oregon. Describing her work as ‘somewhere between fable and fever dream’, her practice has an undeniable influence on my own. In an unsettlingly universe where childhood nostalgia meets folk horror, Miss Crow’s stories are both hypnotic and unnerving.

Her feature length animation, ‘Blood Tea & Red String’ is a “fairy tale for adults” that explores love, death and everything beautiful and terrifying about the natural world.   Watching this work stirs up those dark places that MiLK HaRE and my other animations capture.

Furthermore, Christiane Cegavske does not rush; a point of practice that I find both courageous and reassuring. She seems to have no need to demonstrate her artistry via an extensive body of works. Rather, her ‘devil is in the details’ and her unswerving resolve to complete highly ambitious projects, even if these take over a decade to complete, inspires me to appreciate my own passion and journey in this very special art form.

For more about this artist visit her website

About Emma Windsor & MiLK HaRE

Emma Windsor is an animator, filmmaker and artist.

Her independent films have been shown at international film festivals including: Bristol Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film and the Glastonbury Music Festival.

There’s a belief which exists in many Nordic countries that witches in remote villages steal cream from their neighbours with a Mjölkhare or Milkhare, a creature bought to life by the witch with her own blood.

Based on old Scandinavian folklore, MiLK HaRE uses a number of animation techniques including pixilation and timelapse to tell its macabre tale.

MiLK HaRE is a story about environmental over-exploitation and its consequences, especially for younger generations. It is inspired by the work of Friends of the Earth and others campaigning for a respectful relationship with the environment.

For more see White Rabbit Animation

Author: Anna Haydock-Wilson

Artist, Filmmaker and Community Project Manager

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