Corona Creatives

Photo by Rosy Wilson

Corona Creatives is a collection of 12 friends & relatives, who formed an email exchange group during lockdown in March 2020. Cocooning, shielding and restrictions have prevented many of us attending usual live group classes and workshops over the past year. 

Essentially the initiative is a way of communicating, keeping company, sharing and enjoying each other’s paintings, sketches, poems and musings in a lonely time of isolation from friends and family when being connected in other ways is a  priority.  It began by a suggestion by Rosy to swap ‘a poem for a sketch’.

The work and heart-warming comments are original and often very moving, enhanced by the variety of styles and topics. The artists ages range from ten to eighty-two and include Rosy Wilson, Patrick Wilson, Anna Haydock-Wilson, Paul Wilson, Maxime Haydock-Wilson, Rosalina Walker, Andrea Morreau, Maura O’Neil, Gail Varian, Judy Russell, Tanya Levy and Ruth Fishman.

We’d now like to share our gifts to each other with you, click the links below to view the work by theme





Upcoming Corona Creative posts will be Flowers, Love and Loss and more