When our worlds feel restricted colour is a tonic, from the stunning lights of sunsets and sun rising over the Irish sea to the houses reflected in Bristol harbour and experiments with paint, pencil and pastels. To share colour is to share life!

Killiney Bay Sunset by Gail Varian
 A Menu of Colour

 I want to be a sommelier
 of colour,
 choosing hue to soothe
 or enliven your mood,
 enhance how you feel
 enrich your experience,

 no shadow cast
 just vivid vermillion,
 deepest cerulean,
 and of course let me encourage
 you to take a lingering look 

 at my selection of yellow, green and blue.  
 Maura O'Neil

painting by Rosi, coloured pencil face by Andrea, prints and mural by Anna & Tulips photo and pastels by Gail

 Calling Colours 
 for Leon
 my grandson and I name all the sea-colours 
 of Killiney Bay, where we are walking:

 copper-green, sea-green, silver, grey
 pink, cobalt blue, navy, azure

 changing shades as clouds move over
 or later when the sun sinks lower.

 Strawberry is the name of June full moon
 season of red fruits, red roses, red clover 

 crimson sweet williams, scarlet geraniums
 common poppies, dancing fuschia flowers.

 Last night, a young, tawny fox, bright in 
 moonlight, crossed my path, paused 
 on the grass, looked all around
 shook his brushtail, scampered on. 
 Rosy Wilson
Morning by Patrick Wilson
Dawn Rising
 sunrise lights sea lanes
 on calm full-tide waves
 a cormorant rides air, dives
 seagulls soar, glide
 seal family swims
 along the sea wall
 where I sing, "I dream
 I saw Joe Hill” 
 Rosy Wilson
Sun rise by Rosy Wilson
Sunset by Paul Wilson

Author: Anna Haydock-Wilson

Artist, Filmmaker and Community Project Manager

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