Week 1- 25th March 2020

Rosy started the digital ball rolling on March 25th with ‘a poem for a sketch swap’ email

Clothes My Mother Wore

Even during 'The Emergency'
when utility clothes were
simple fabrics, darker colours
our mother wore them well.

I remember nineteen forty nine
the New Look was all the fashion
she bought a long blue skirt
that showed off her slim figure.

A year later she remarried
wore a pink and grey soft 
tweed outfit, silk-trimmed
hat, she looked a picture.

On their small dairy farm
fetching cows, churning butter
feeding geese, hens, ducks, 
she never looked dowdy

and when I was coming to stay
she would call me to say
“Please bring a dress, Rosy
I've invited friends to meet you.”

Dear Mum, my last memories, you
in your flowery flannel nightgown
me at your hospital bedside
your words of love, your smile. 

I responded with this Tree I’d sketch during my daily escape to the woods

And Rosy wrote back 

Mary and Rosy, little giggling girls
summers in Blackrock Baths
steam train to Killiney Beach,
two trams to Dublin Zoo.

We helped the elephant keeper
scrub Sarah with pumice stone
I was standing at her rear-side
when she stepped back on my toe.

Bike rides to the RDS
change our library books and Gran's
who recited poems and speeches
of Shakespeare, Shelley, Milton

yet asked us to bring her piffle
detectives of that era
Lord Peter Wimsey, Albert Campion
Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot.

Now we are in our eighties
living almost next door
looking out for one another
as my sister's memory fades. 

Author: Anna Haydock-Wilson

Artist, Filmmaker and Community Project Manager

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